Watch Caribou People

The DVD is much better quality, and all proceeds are donated to the Arctic Refuge Defense Campaign.  It can take a few minutes for the video to load: please be patient.

Learn about this amazing place untouched by industrial impacts.  Hear about the need to protect the calving grounds of the Porcupine Caribou People that supports the Gwich'in and Inupiat native peoples mostly in their own words.  See these people in their villages, such as Old Crow and Arctic Village as they live off the caribou, and plead for your help in protecting their way of life.

Download and burn your own high quality, full-length version for only $3.50 (1.5 gigabyte winzip file or 2 gigabyte full length.  After you download it, unzip it and burn the two files onto a DVD using the data disk setting on any DVD-making software.  Then play on a DVD player.  All proceeds go to the Arctic Refuge Defense Campaign

Order the DVD for $6 plus shipping and handling ($2.00 in the United States).  All proceeds go to the Arctic Refuge Defense Campaign

Caribou People You Tube video